This a longer post than I would normally post, but I just felt the overwhelming need to share this. A very dear friend of mine sent this to me in an e-mail. It made me remember that we are ALL created to bring glory to GOD. The next time you see a homeless person or anyone who needs help, instead of looking down on them or trying to guess how hey got where they are, just help them. After all God knows everything you have ever done and yet He loves you anyway.
I am a mother of three (ages 14, 12, 3) and have recently completed my college degree.
The last class I had to take was Sociology.
The teacher was absolutely inspiring with the qualities that I wish every human being had been graced with.
Her last project of the term was called, 'Smile.'
The class was asked to go out and smile at three people and document their reactions.
I am a very friendly person and always smile at everyone and say hello anyway. So, I thought this would be a piece of cake, literally.
Soon after we were assigned the project, my husband, youngest son, and I went out to McDonald's one crisp March morning.
It was just our way of sharing special playtime with our son.
We were standing in line, waiting to be served, when all of a sudden everyone around us began to back away, and then
even my husband did.
I did not move an inch... an overwhelming feeling of panic welled up inside of me as I turned to see why they had moved.
As I turned around I smelled a horrible 'dirty body' smell, and there standing behind me were two poor homeless men.
As I looked down at the short gentleman, close to me, he was 'smiling'
His beautiful sky blue eyes were full of God’s Light as he searched for acceptance.....
He said, 'Good day' as he counted the few coins he had been clutching..
The second man fumbled with his hands as he stood behind his friend. I realized the second man was mentally challenged and the blue-eyed gentleman was his salvation.
I held my tears as I stood there with them.
The young lady at the counter asked him what they wanted...
He said, 'Coffee is all Miss' because that was all they could afford. (If they wanted to sit in the restaurant and warm up, they had to buy something. He just wanted to be warm).
Then I really felt it - the compulsion was so great I almost reached out and embrace
the little man with the blue eyes.
That is when I noticed all eyes in the
restaurant were set on me, judging my every action.
I smiled and asked the young lady behind the counter to give me two more breakfast meals on a separate tray..
I then walked around the corner to the table that the men had chosen as a resting spot. I put the tray on the table and laid my hand on the blue-eyed gentleman's cold hand.
He looked up at me, with tears in his eyes, and said, 'Thank you.'
I leaned over, began to pat his hand and said, 'I did not do this for you. God is here working through me to give you hope.'
I started to cry as I walked away to join my husband and son... When I sat down my husband smiled at me and said, 'That is why God gave you to me, Honey, to give me hope...'
We held hands for a moment and at that time, we knew that only because of the Grace that we had been given were we able to give.
We are not church goers, but we are believers.
That day showed me the pure Light of God's sweet love.
I returned to college, on the last evening of class, with this story in hand.
I turned in 'my project' and the instructor read it.
Then she looked up at me and said, 'Can I share this?'
I slowly nodded as she got the attention of the class.
She began to read and that is when I knew that we as human beings and being part of God share this need to heal people and to be healed.
In my own way I had touched the people at McDonald's, my son, the instructor, and every soul that shared the classroom on the last night I spent as a college student.
I graduated with one of the biggest lessons I would ever learn:
Much love and compassion is sent to each and every person who may read this and learn how to
An Angel wrote:
Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart
To handle yourself, use your head..
To handle others, use your heart.
God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest.


  1. This story reminds me of a life lesson i learned as a very young and foolish man more than 20yrs. ago. I was sitting at a local truck stop talking with my mother while consuming a nice chicken dinner when i spotted this guy digging in the trash can just outside. His clothes were worn and not very clean. I promptly i made the statement "people like that should be thrown in jail" don't really know why i said it like that but it was the first thing that came to my mind i guess. But as i sat there eating and just watching, I realized the man was searching for food. I was as he retrieved a mere chicken bone from and empty food container and began to search for the smallest fragment of meat that may have been left behind. After a while he turned and headed back toward the woodland that paralleled with the interstate. I really started to feel really terrible about my response to the mans behavior. I asked my Mother reckon where the guy is going, and she said, well he's been staying in those woods for a few days. As i got ready to leave i felt a strong urgency to come to the relief of the mans destitute condition. I drove down the interstate and pulled off the right of way and proceeded to walk into the woods where i earlier saw the man disappear. As i walked into the woods just a short distance i saw the gentleman sitting on the ground trying to pull off his shoes to relax his feet. I asked the man if he was hungry if he needed money for food,he never said a word only shook his head as if he were ashamed and humiliated. I pulled some money from my wallet and handed to the man and wished him luck and walked away. But i walked away with a different point of view in knowing that God truly is bigger than any problem, bigger than anything, bigger than any mountain we can or cannot see. Even it takes using a poor beggar to prove his love and mercy to a fool like me. I don't know from whence the traveler came or where his journey ended, my Mother said he just disappeared. I do believe in light of the event that took place that day that this man was not walking alone and served a higher purpose if nothing more than opening the eyes of a young foolish man. And neither am i a church going man, but i know when i have been touched by the hand of the Lord and graced in the presence of compassion.

  2. Melisa, I'm glad you liked it. I hope it inspires the people who read it.
    Keith, that was an awesome story! Not many people would have searched that man out to help him. I am so glad that you did.
    If either of you have blogs, please feel free to send me the links so that I can check them out! Again thank you both!


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