Can You Imagine?

You watch your parents work hard everyday just to put food on the table and clothes on your back. They farm, fix car, bicycle, and motorcycle tires. They make cinder blocks for building houses. On weekends your father takes you fishing in the near by river and, even though you know it's more for food than for fun, your dad tries to make it fun while teaching you how to survive. Your mother spends her days washing clothes in a heated iron pot outside or killing and dressing chickens to sell to the neighbors. There are no job opportunities for those who live in your country, so they risk their very lives, some at a the tender age of seventeen or eighteen to go to another country and try to make a living. Only once they get here to the United States, they are faced with hostility from people who don't know them personally. They have no family, no church, and no job. They are completely and utterly alone.
Could you imagine if your way of life was so bad that you would subject yourself to these situations just to try to make a better life for you and yours? It seems so easy to say that they should come here the 'right' way, but do you have any idea how much that costs? Many of these people work sixty and seventy hour weeks for five-hundred or six-hundred pesos, which is about fifty or sixty U.S. dollars. In America, we would laugh at the thought of working for less than three-hundred dollars a week.


  1. This is good. I hope this is just the beginning...there could be so much more said.

  2. To Anonymous,
    If you would like to share some ideas with me, please feel free to send me an e-mail to I love getting the ideas and opinions of my readers.

  3. When I was growing up, we had people who would help those who were trying to escape to a better way of life. They had people from Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico that would come to stay with them (though they came over the borders illegally) and these people would eventually make their way to Canada where they were welcomed. It is humbling when you sit and listen to the tragedies they have suffered. I have no complaints about the Mexican people who cross the borders. Most are doing the jobs that Americans refuse to do because the pay is too low for the work that has to be done.


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