Who do we think we are?

I am so tired of hearing people talk about Hispanics like they are garbage. So what if they are brown. What makes "white" people think they are so much better? I'm sorry, but GOD made this world and everything in it. Who are we to criticize or pretend we like we own it? Everyone is having a fit either because they think Hispanics are abusing government assistance programs or because they are "concerned with the rapid browning of America". Seriously? What is that? Last time I checked, "white" people were spending hours laying in the sun and slowly broiling themselves to death while spending thousands on tanning lotions to BECOME BROWN! 
If this makes any of my readers angry, I'm sorry, but this situation has gotten to out of control. Personally, If I were Hispanic, the U.S would be the LAST place I would come to. I don't know about anybody else, but I don't like being surrounded by hateful and prejudiced people who think skin color is a deciding factor in whether or not a person is 'worthy'. Worthy of what, by the way?


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