So my husband just started a new job which involves a LOT of travel. He is working on the conveyer systems and ovens and such for bakeries. Right now, we are in Four Oaks, North Carolina. I must say that this place seems to be agreeing with me so far. It has been overcast a lot since we have been here. That's great news for me since the sun breaks me out in huge, red, itchy hives. The weather is a little cooler here, too....awesome!
I have my computer and plenty of work to keep me busy thanks to WCP and freelance article writing. I'm not even all that homesick. We also travel with my parents, which means that, no matter where we go, I know at least 2 people. My life still seems to be coming together in all the right places. See, I have a problem being out in public, my doctor calls it 'Borderline Agoraphobia', I just call it an allergic reaction to crowds. This prevents me from working in public but I still wanted to make a little money that was my own. So, for about a year, I looked and I hunted high and low for some sort of work from home opportunity. It wasn't easy and it was really frustrating. I was the victim of more than one scam, which almost made me call it quits. The desire to work for and earn my own money was stronger than the desire to throw my hands up in surrender, however. I finally got my first editing position with World Castle Publishing and from there got two positions as a freelance article writer. My work is not done, though. Now, I must design a schedule for myself that will allow me to get all my work done in an organized fashion. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! :) For those of you who follow my blog and are looking for work at home opportunities, I would suggest checking out Once you register, you can look through hundreds of job postings to find something you are interested in and qualified to do and then just keep applying until you have as many jobs as you can handle. Good luck and happy hunting!


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