Reading the Bible

People are always looking for meaning in their life. Recently there was a big fuss about the end of the world. A man decided that he had figured out that the world would end on a Saturday...and people believed him. Some of these people sold or gave away everything they had in anticipation of the rapture. I have no problem with people who have faith in this event. I believe it myself. However, I read my Bible enough to know that God is the ONLY one who knows when this will take place. There is no man on this planet who knows when the end of the world will come, not a single one. If people believe in God, reading the Bible is a must. So become familiar with the Word of God so that you know when someone else is mistaken and when they are telling you something you should take seriously. Take your faith seriously, trust that God loves you and will not lead you wrong and you will have nothing to worry about!


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