Scarlet Black is a pen name. The author’s ‘real’ name is Deb. Deb is an amazingly talented author who writes in the Psychological Thriller, Horror, and Paranormal Romance and Dark Urban Fantasy genres. She has become one of my very favorite authors. Her books are well written with tight plots, lively characters and action and suspense that will have you jumping out of your chair and shouting at the hero or heroine!
I have to warn you, though, before you pick up SALEM MOON or any of her other books, you should clear your calendar. Once you start reading, you will not stop until you have read the very last word. Scarlet has a website which you can find here. This site has all the latest information on her release dates and next book. Now, on to the review of SALEM MOON;


This story takes place in Salem, Massachusetts both in the 1600’s during the Salem Witch Trials and also in present day Salem. Gabriel Blackstone is a young man in Salem during the witch trial hysteria. His father is a veterinarian and he has a twin sister, Abigail.
While out hunting, Gabriel watches in dismay as a doe dies right in front of him, not from a gunshot but because its chest suddenly explodes from the inside. In a panic, he runs to get his father who examines the doe and can find no logical cause for the death. Fearing an accusation of witch craft, Mr. Blackstone helps his son to bury the deer and, thinking that they were the only two witnesses, agree never to mention the incident to another person and return home.
However, Gabriel and his father are not the only two people in the woods that day. Two brothers who are the Blackstone’s neighbors also witnessed the episode. Not long after the Blackstone men return home, a group of town officials come to their home and accuse both Gabriel and Abigail of witchcraft. Abigail is accused simply because she is Gabriel’s twin and because the two siblings are extremely beautiful. After a farce of a trial both Gabriel and his sister are found guilty of witch craft.
The story really begins as Gabriel lay dying and a man appears before him claiming to have the power to not only rescue Gabriel but to help him fulfill his destiny. This is a must read for anyone who likes the paranormal with a twist of time travel and romance! To order a copy of SALEM MOON, please go to the publisher’s website here;
I can promise you, you will not be disappointed and once you read one of her books, you will have to read them all.


  1. Book sounds great. Will have to check this out. Great blog, Beth.


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