So, as most of my followers know, I got a job as editor for World Castle Publishing about a month or so ago. (God Bless Karen's sweet heart!) As an editor, I have had the privilege to get to know some wonderfully awesome, warm, and friendly people. I talk with most of them either by phone or email a couple of times a week and have come to think of them as friends. I have also learned, through this job, that the words in the book that you buy at the bookstore or on-line don't just magically fall onto the pages ready to read. From what I've seen, writing a book and polishing it for publication is a lot like having a baby. It starts as a thought, grows into an idea, and then it is slowly shaped and molded into the finished work by its creator. It is, simply put, someone's work of art.
This work of art is then fine-tuned by creator, publisher, and editor so that it can be sent into the world for others to enjoy.  I have loved books for as long as I can remember. When I read a book I am not just reading the words on the page; I am taking a trip somewhere and meeting new people, becoming part of someone's life for the duration of that book.
Because I have such a love of books (and maybe because I was raised to know and respect the difference between right and wrong) I have also always had a respect for the author. Authors are not all people who live in mansions and roll around in luxury all day. Most authors have just figured out how to turn their passion into a way to make money. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? Doing something we love day after day and earning a living doing it?
This is where the bad pirate comes in. Let’s say that author X has three children who are all in school, a day job, and a husband. Let’s also assume that, because author X has children in school, that she also has ball and/or cheer leading practice to drive her children to four days a week and that she has to make sure everyone gets fed because her husband can’t boil water without hurting himself (no offense, husband). Oh, how author X loves the weekend! The children are all at a friend’s house, the husband has gone fishing/golfing with the neighbor and the house is quiet. So, author X wakes up before the sun comes up, fixes herself a ginormous pot of coffee and decides what to do for the day. She goes through and does a light cleaning on the house and sits down at her computer, coffee in hand, turns on her favorite CD of storm sounds and starts on the final chapter of a novel she started more than a year ago.
Fast forward six months. Author X is simply euphoric! Her book has finally hit the shelves and e-book stores! She is already thinking about how the money she makes will get this kid braces or that kid a new pair of cleats. If she manages the money just right, they can probably afford a new car. Along comes Bad Pirate. This person has figured out how to get author X’s e-book without paying for it, cool, huh? Ummmmm, no! Definitely NOT cool! Why should Bad Pirate benefit from another's hard work, dedication and, above all, dream? GET A JOB ALREADY! If Bad Pirate can’t afford to buy the book, maybe he or she should get a job. Piracy is the same as stealing. It’s dishonest and low down.
This would be where the Bad Pirate remembers the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I bet Bad Pirate would be really pissed if someone just walked into their house and took something valuable from them. Illegally downloading e-books, movies, or whatever else, is the same thing. It is a punishable offense and Karma tends to take a big bite out of people when she finds her way back around to them…and she ALWAYS finds her way back around. Just don’t do it!
I am not saying anything that hasn’t already been said, I’m sure. But no one has the right to take from anyone else. If they have found a way to justify stealing, they should be on medication for hallucinations. There is no way to justify it.


  1. Lindsay Anne KendalJune 16, 2011 at 6:25 AM

    Beth, I enjoyed reading every word of this post. You hit the nail on the head. I couldn't agree more or have said it better myself.


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