5 out of 5 *****

Elise is a young werewolf who loves life in her pack. She is in love with her best friend Bryan and cannot wait to become his mate. One day, out of the blue, she is summoned before her packs council and told that she will be mated to the neighboring packs Alpha, Kane, in order to create an alliance and expand their territories.  She is heart broken over the loss of the future she had imagined with Bryan but knows she must do as her father asks for the good of her pack.
Kane has just become the new Alpha of his pack and needs a mate. He knows that this is not how Elise pictured her life but hopes to make her happy. After their first mating, he takes her back to his home and pack. Everyone seems to be so excited to meet her and accept her as part of their pack. Elise slowly begins to feel at home in her new pack but trouble is surrounding them on all sides. Someone wants the pack off  their land and will do anything to make it happen.
Could it be Kane's brother, Ryne, who lost the challenge to become the Alpha male? Or the oil company who wants to drill for oil on Kane's land?

This book was amazing! It is the longest book I have read in a while but it kept my attention all the way through! I was completely enthralled with the plot and the characters. The plot was tight and the characters were so real that I felt as if I had known them forever. This is the first book I have read by Nicky Charles and I was completely blown away.
I found this book at the Nook store. It is a free download, although I would gladly pay to read Nicky Charles. You can find it here. There is also an author site, which you can visit here. Please be sure to read this book and then rate it on the Nook site and/or drop by the author's site and let her know how much you enjoyed it!


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