Who doesn’t love technology? We are surrounded by technology of all kinds, from e-readers to cell phones the size of credit cards. Almost every household in the United States has at least one computer and almost everyone has an iPod, iPad, or an iPhone. Our military uses technology when training our soldiers and when fighting our enemies.
What would happen if this technology was the death of civilization? How would we survive and communicate?

In 7G by DEBBIE KUMP, this question is asked and answered with bone chilling clarity. We would be lost without this technology and we would be pushed to our absolute limit in order to survive.

No one uses a cumbersome laptop or cell phone in 7G. Computers and cell phones are contained in contact lenses worn in the eye and microphones worn in the ear. Everyone has them and is looking forward to the upgrade to 7G.
College sophomore Erik Weber is having a bad day. He believes his girlfriend is cheating on him and decides to remove his DOTS and go to the library where he is certain he won’t run into her.
Alyssa Kensington is on a submarine in the middle of the ocean with pink eye. As if a case of pink eye isn’t bad enough, she has to throw away her contaminated DOTS and spend three days in quarantine until the infection is under control.

Little do they know; their not so great situations have actually saved their lives. While the rest of the world is wearing the DOTS in anticipation of the upgrade to 7G, Alyssa feels out of touch and stir crazy without her DOTS to help her pass the time and Erik is asleep in a chair at the library.

When Alyssa has finally had all she can stand of the quarantine room, she chances going to the gym to work off some of her pent up energy. A few minutes into her workout she realizes the submarine seems to be leaning forward too much and goes to check it out. What she finds is a nightmare. Everyone on the sub is dead except for her. With no time to contemplate how they all died, she sets to work on finding a way to get herself off of the submarine that is headed straight for the bottom of the ocean.

When Erik wakes, still in the library, he is surprised that no one woke him when the library closed the night before. As he walks out of the building he notices that the librarian’s jacket is still lying over the chair. Here Erik finds the first body. The librarian is on the floor, dead, with blood all over his face. Erik reaches in his pocket to get his DOTS only to realize he left them at his apartment the night before. When he exits the library he sees students strewn all over the campus grounds, also dead.

And so the story of 7G begins. What will Alyssa do to save herself from a sinking sub full of her dead comrades? What will Erik do once he realizes that he seems to be the only person left on the planet? To find out you will have to read 7G by DEBBIE KUMP.

This book will make you think twice about how you would survive if technology failed us and just how much technology you really need. This book was scary on a very real level because it shows what is possible with our insatiable need to have MORE of it all. Could you imagine  waking up to an entirely dead planet? How would you handle it? Would you just go crazy?
7G is available in both Kindle and paperback format from amazon.com, just follow the links below. It is also available directly from World Castle Publishing with a discount coupon code.
Happy reading!




  1. Hi Debbie,
    7G sounds pretty interesting.
    All the best with it!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  2. Thanks so much, Lea Ellen! (And thanks for checking out my author page on FB, too!)

  3. Hey Debbie
    Going to get your book

    I'll network it on my facebook page for ya!

  4. Thanks, Christopher! It is truly awesome! Be sure to come back and let us know what you think of it.


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