Every town has that one old and spooky looking house that the kids make up ghost stories about. Teenagers looking for a thrill on Friday night  will double dog dare some poor kid to show their bravery by going up onto the porch or going all the way inside.
But what happens when the house is actually haunted? In  TROY McCOMBS' novel THE HOUSE ON MAYBERRY ROAD, that is exactly the problem. 

Most  people have forgotten that the house on Mayberry Road even exists. That is until thrill seeking teens come up dead or insane. After one adventurous teen is torn in half and thrown out of a window on the second story of the Mayberry house, Sheriff Charlie Steera enlists the help of paranormal investigator John Rollings to help him solve the mysterious case. 
Once Rollings goes inside the house and is the only one to come out alive, he begins to think that maybe he was brought to this point for a reason. He becomes obsessed with figuring out what lurks in the ordinary looking house and discovers a much larger mystery, for some reason, he seems to be connected to whatever thing lives inside.
John begins to unravel a mystery far more dangerous than he ever imagined and also discovers that those he thought of as friends may not be friends after all.

This book will keep you guessing until the very end and scare you half to death. If you ever thought of going into a haunted house alone you will quickly rethink that decision after reading this tale of terror.  THE HOUSE ON MAYBERRY ROAD is available direct from the publisher's website here or from at the link below. After you have read this book and been scared silly, please make sure to come back and let me know what you thought of it. Happy Reading!


  1. Love the review...sends a chill up my spine. Sounds like a thrilling read, Troy!


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