A love stronger than Heaven or Hell, passion between Angel and Demon, Indian lore, and a skin walker that steals the children from one unfortunate Navajo reservation are all elements in COYOTE NIGHT by DANIELLE D. SMITH.
Skriker is half-demon, half-man. Rose is half-angel, half-woman. Their love is forbidden and yet it exists and consumes Rose and Skriker with a passion unlike any other. Together they hunt and destroy demons and monsters that haunt the human race. In this part of their story, they are hunting a skin walker or ‘yee naaldlooshii’ as the Navajo people call it. With the help of a wise old medicine man, Nick Whitehorse, Skriker and Rose begin their hunt where the creature lives, Shiprock. Whitehorse warns Skriker that the skin walker is hard to kill and, if given a chance, will take Rose and Skriker may never be able to get her back. Can they kill this abomination and walk away together or will one of them lose the other half of their heart forever?
This book is a truly engrossing  read with characters you will root for from beginning to end. Danielle describes the beauty of the desert in such a way that you will never think of it as a "barren landscape" again. The love scenes between Rose and her demon are so steamy they will make you blush, but boy are they fun to read! The action scenes are dynamic and make you feel as if you are right there in the thick of it.
I absolutely loved this book and can NOT wait to read more of Rose and Skriker’s story. It was a tight and fun read. My only problem with it was that it ended entirely too soon. DANIELLE D. SMITH is a terrifically talented story teller and you would be missing out if you didn’t read this. It completely blew me away! You can find DANIELLE at her website where you can purchase COYOTE NIGHT, which is Book II in the  BLACK DOG AND REBEL ROSE SERIES. You can also read excerpts from sample chapters, watch book trailers, keep up with her on her blog, and check out the graphic novel version of BLACK DOG AND REBEL ROSE. You can also purchase BLACK DOG AND REBEL ROSE from Just click the link on the left. HAPPY READING! Once you have read this unique and amazing story, please feel free to come back here and let me know how much you liked it...and, trust me, you will definitely like it! 


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