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The Locker Room by Amy Lane

5 ****STAR
Book- Locker Room            Author- Amy Lane            Publisher-Dreamspinner Press           Genre- Romance           Rating Mature-Alternative Lifestyle

Where do I even begin to review this amazing story? So here is the thing….I was privy to this story during its inception….I was a Beta reader for Amy Lane, receiving Locker Roomone chapter at a time…Being able to absorb this story was wonderful. Xander Karcek was made for greatness….He feels he would not have achieved this, if it wasn’t for his Chris, Christian Edwards. So lets start at the beginning. At fourteen, and standing at 6 foot one, Xander wandered in the fading light, holding a basketball, dreading to go home. Home was where his crack-head mother was and possibly the boyfriend of the day were.Home was a dirty foul apartment, with no food, and a mother who told him to smoke some crack to abate the hunger. Home was a place where someone could hurt him. It was getting late and very cold and there on the baske…