Can you say FRUSTRATION???

I have tried for weeks to find reasons why I should stay with Blogger. "I'm use to the layout and WordPress isn't nearly as easy to work with", or, "It's just to freaking irritating to export and import all my other posts". Well, tonight, I did it. I have moved to WordPress. Over the weekend, I couldn't respond to people's comments because the 'reply' button wouldn't work and tonight two people brought to my attention that they couldn't comment on a review I re-posted! I have had enough monkeying around by Blogger and until they do a major overhaul and fix the stuff that keeps goofing up, I will struggle along and learn how to navigate WordPress. If you follow me here, please come follow me there. Here is the link: Writing Opinions Too


  1. Cool site, Beth! I love the cursive, handwritten-like text! Neat idea.


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