Bulletproof by Jeff LaFerney

Haven't we all wished for access to just a little more of our brain? Maybe for extra memory power to help us remember where we put our car keys, to solve that problem we keep stumbling over at work, or maybe a little psychic mojo to help us win the lottery? Bulletproof by Jeff LaFerney gives us a glimpse of the possibilities of having that extra brain power and we can see that it may not be as great as it's cracked up to be. Here's a tiny taste of the mystery in Bulletproof:

The technicians eyed each other uncertainly while the nurses and the intern were not sure what to think.  To near silence in the operating room, the doctor removed the retractors holding the brain and closed the dura with sutures. The bone flap was placed back in its original position and secured to the patient’s skull with titanium plates and screws. As the doctor left the operating room, he noticed that his hands were shaking.  What he had done was unethical, but he did it for the good of science.  His conscience chastised him for doing such a terrible thing, but his mind told him that what he had done was justified, and he planned to eventually prove to himself that it was orchestrated for the overall good. 

 It was immediately obvious to me that a lot of planning and research went into the writing of this book. One of the great things about Jeff LaFerney's novels is that both the care and pride he takes in his work are obvious. Bulletproof opens in an operating room with a surgeon who has more on his mind than removing a tumor and saving a life. This automatically made me curious to find out more and kept me engrossed throughout the story. Mr. LaFerney has a vivid imagination and extreme passion for writing that both come out well on the page. 
While it may seem to start a little slow for some readers, Bulletproof is a wonderful read and definitely worth adding to your bookshelf. It will be released tomorrow on amazon.com here. Mr. LaFerney also has a website here, and his author page at World Castle Publishing can be found here.


  1. Definitely have to add Jeff to my "must read" pile.


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