The Falcon And His Desert Rose by George R. Lasher-5*****

I write fiction, frequently seasoned with a dash of supernatural flavor. My stories have appeared in several on-line magazines and paperback short-story anthologies. In the 70s, I worked in radio & dabbled in music as a songwriter, singer, and drummer. Since then I've been a sales manager at several places in Houston. Originally a therapeutic hobby that I started in 2000, writing has become a passionate obsession. "Welcome to my imagination."

The Falcon And His Desert Rose Cloned from the  remains of an ancient Egyptian god, a young man named Horace is sent to Boston's M.I.T. to study molecular biology. After graduation, he is expected to return to Egypt to recreate The Fluid of Life, an ancient elixir capable of eliminating death. The Egyptian government plans to use the magic potion to create an immortal army that will restore them to their former glory as the world's premiere superpower. Horace becomes sidetracked, however, when he falls in love with Jeanne Mosley, a beautiful, but feisty, co-ed. Complicating matters, his best friend at M.I.T., Thomas Franklin, the son of the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, love's the same girl. After graduation, while attempting to recreate The Fluid of Life, Horace (who changes his name to Horus) resorts to terrorism in an effort to break the will of countries that oppose Egypt's political agenda. Employing his blossoming, supernatural abilities, he returns to the U.S., intending to assassinate the leading candidate for the next presidential election. Before returning to his native country, Horus kidnaps Jeanne, the queen of his dreams. Based on information given to the CIA by Thomas, an international manhunt ensues, culminating in an attack by U.N. Peacekeeping forces on a bunker beneath the Great Sphinx at Giza. Will Thomas and the U.N. Peacekeeping troops successfully rescue Jeanne? Can Horace be stopped before perfecting the formula for immortality, or will the entire world be enslaved and kept under the watchful eye of Horus, the reincarnated son of Osiris?
Okay, so in this one book, there is an enormous government conspiracy, a love triangle between college kids, and murder afoot. I had the oddest reaction to the “bad guy”, Horus. At some points in the story, I really wanted to see him get the girl and succeed, but then he would do something enormously horrible…like kidnapping Jeanne, and I would want to see him get what he deserved. Of all the wonderfully written characters in this book, I was drawn to Horus the most. From the first page the action was non-stop and I had a hard time putting it down to do anything. Mr. Lasher is an extraordinary storyteller and a genuinely warm person.
George Lasher
If you would like to know more about George Lasher, his website  is here. You can also visit his author page and buy a copy of The Falcon And His Desert Rose here. You can read some of his amazing short stories here. So go visit with him, you’ll be glad you did.


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