This book was precious. I read it in a little over a day and loved every single minute of it. The characters were so real, I almost expected them to step out of the story and into my living room. The main characters are Molly McCreight and Ethan Hunter. Molly is a woman who has experienced horrible tragedy and has alienated herself from most of her family and friends, including her church family. I identified with her immediately because she suffers from panic attacks and so do I. Ethan has experienced tragedy of his own and is doing everything he can to bring his baby daughter up in a way that would be pleasing to God.
During a brutal ice storm, these three individuals are brought together by the Lord and a friendship slowly begins to form. As you read this novel, you will experience the heartache of both Molly and Ethan and their triumphs. As they pray for guidance on how to make decisions that are pleasing to God, you will want to bow your head and do the same.
This book drew my attention to the fact that I haven't prayed as often as I should and that I haven't been as dependent on God to lead me as I should be. I hope that you get as much from reading this novel as I did.
At the time of this posting A Very Special Delivery is free on amazon.com and you can find it here. If you are interested in learning more about the author, Linda Goodnight or other novels she has written, you can find her website here. To get other titles by Mrs. Goodnight through amazon.com here is a link to her Amazon Author Page.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful story.

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