LOVE'S PROPHECY by Brenda Dyer-5*****'s and an 'A' for AWESOMENESS!!

I have done reviews for several authors on Writing Opinions and, as a result, I have an ever growing list of 'favorite authors'. These are authors I check up on regularly at, Goodreads, and other sites to see if and when they have new books out. Brenda Dyer is the latest addition to that list. I love the paranormal genre, but have avoided most of the vampire tales because they have been done to death. I am so glad I read this one!
The male lead in this novel is Mel. He is a vampire who walks the streets of Vancouver at night hunting and killing demons. However, Mel is given a new assignment. He is given the task of finding out what the Vampire Prophecy is all about. As he begins to dig for information about the Prophecy, he finds Breeana. Not only does she have the mark of the Prophecy, Mel has dreamed of her. The love that grows between them puts Breeana's life in danger and Mel has to go to extreme lengths to keep her safe. What part does Breeana play in the Prophecy? Will they find a way to keep their love even though they come from two very different worlds?
The characters in Love's Prophecy will stick with you. They are well written and instantly become new friends...or enemies. Brenda definitely has a talent for writing in a way that keeps you interested and moving from page to page and chapter to chapter. I can't wait for the next book to see what happens and to become involved in the lives of Mel and Breeana again.
To get your copy of LOVE'S PROPHECY go here. If you would like to learn more about the author, Brenda Dyer, go to her website here: Romance With A Bite or to her blog site here: Romance With A Bite Blog.
There will be a contest starting tomorrow and the winner will receive a free e-book of Love's Prophecy!!!! Come back and check for details :)


  1. Hi Beth, came by and had to comment. I completely agree with you on the originality of Love's Prophecy. This book blew me away. I bought the print version and the Kindle! LOL What a great book!

  2. What an awesome review!!! I am not surprised. Brenda Dryer is an AWESOME writer. The beginning to a great series!

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  4. Sorry! Signed in with the wrong account above :( Every time I had to put the book down to do the boring stuff like eat or do house work, I would think, 'I can't believe I want to get back to it.' I was on serious overload with vampires. This book cured that. Now I can't wait for the next one to come out!

  5. Isn't Love's Prophecy and AWESOME book? I read it and LOVED it.

  6. This is a great book! Agree completely!

  7. Wow, thank ALL of you. You made my day--no, my month!
    Beth, thank you, thank you for the wonderful review. Your site is beautiful--love the colours.

    1. Brenda, it's easy to give a good review for an amazing book! I'm glad you like my site but I may change the font shortly. It's a little too swirly(is that even a word??)

  8. This is a fabulous review for a tremendous book! I am in the middle of reading it and love it so much! Congrats Brenda!

  9. I've read and love Love's Prophecy. I couldn't agree more with your review and that Brenda is an Awesome writer. I too am anxiously waiting for Book 2--Kal's book. One super sexy vamp! Yay Brenda!

  10. Fantastic review!! Congrats Brenda! :D


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