Alright folks, if you want to win a free e-book copy of Love's Prophecy, here's what you need to do. Go to Brenda's blog, Romance With A Bite and read the excerpt she has posted from the book. Feel free to look around and leave comments because Brenda loves to hear from her readers. After you have visited with Romance With A Bite and read the excerpt, come back here and answer this question:

What would Breeana have to give up in order to stay with Mel?
Be sure to leave your email in your comment so that, if you win, we have a way to notify you. The winner will be chosen on Monday. Good luck and happy reading!!!



  1. I'd be cheating if I entered this contest since I've read Love's Prophecy THREE TIMES!! Good luck to everyone else and enjoy the book.

    It's that good!

  2. I too can't enter the contest because I'm currently reading LP, and LOVE it! My prophecy is this...Brenda Dyer is on her way to becoming a huge romance hit!! Congrats.

  3. That's okay. Thanks for the support you are showing Brenda. She is a wonderful person and an amazing writer and I think she is on the way to becoming a household name with romance lovers!! Send your friends over to enter and spread the word that Brenda is here. Thanks for visiting Writing Opinions and I hope you come back often :)

  4. she would hav to give upEverything ( friends job everything she worked for)

  5. I Love Brenda Dyer, she is sweet and sexy. That is why I call her Brexxy. LOL I haven't read this book yet! My answer is: FOR LOVE? Give up anything you have to. It's worth it. LOL


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