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Through Rushing Water by Catherine Richmond-5*****

Sophia Makinoff thinks she knows exactly what she wants in life but when she is jilted by the man she thought she was going to marry, she is completely humiliated. In her humiliation, she does the only thing she can...she signs up with the Board of Foreign Missions and is fully prepared to go to China. She is not prepared for what happens next. Sophia is sent to the Ponca Indian Agency to be the new teacher. Amid horrible poverty and injustice, Sophia finds her purpose and her faith in God is strengthened. She meets some new and wonderful friends, including Will Dunn who is the Agency's carpenter. Through their mutual love of the Poncas and of the Lord, they forge a strong friendship. Can that friendship last through the tragedies the Ponca face? Will it turn into more than friendship?

Through Rushing Water is a wonderfully written novel full of heartbreak and love, tragedy and triumph. This novel is Christian Fiction but it is based on the very real and very tragic history of the…