Loaded Questions Contest for Author Caroline Fyffe

Okay folks, I have a favor to ask. Shortly I will be doing a contest here for Caroline Fyffe, author of The McCutcheon Family Series. What I need from you are some questions you would like to ask her. Of course, during the contest you are more than welcome to ask more questions, but this first list of 10 to 15 questions is just to get the party started. Think about questions you have always wanted to ask an author and leave them in the comments section below and the day of the contest, come back to see if yours was one of the questions chosen.

To get an idea of how and what Mrs. Fyffe writes, check out my reviews for her first two McCutcheon Family Series books, Montana Dawn & Texas Twilight. Sorry for having the comment moderation on but I have been receiving a lot of spammy comments from a toilet company! I will be choosing questions until Monday! Thanks for the help in advance and have a wonderful and blessed day!
Also, to get your copy of either of these titles please follow the links below, thanks!


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