Montana Dawn by Caroline Fyffe 5***** Hands Down!

Have you ever wished you could go back in time? Back to when things were simpler and the work was rewarding? A place where you worked hard with your hands and felt the gratification when your hard work paid off? I do almost everyday, which is why I love to read novels about Pioneers, the struggles they faced and the happiness they felt when their spirit allowed them to carve out their life in a foreign and empty land.
Caroline Fyffe did a terrific job of capturing the Pioneer spirit in Montana Dawn. It takes an amazingly talented author to pick a reader up and then set them down in the 1800s. She did just that. From page one, I was captured and fascinated. Not once during the entire story did my attention wander or my interest flag. I truly can't say enough about how great this novel was!
In Montana Dawn, Faith Brown is in a terrible situation. She is stuck in the wilderness, in a buggy with no horses and with her eight year old son, Colton. She is also about to give birth to a baby!! Luke McCutcheon is scouring the area looking for the rest of his riding party when he hears a strange sound. At first he thinks it may have been an injured animal but he immediately pushes that idea away. The noise sounds like no animal he's ever heard. Following the wails, he comes upon Faith's stranded buggy and decides to see if there may be someone in need of help. He has no idea of what he is about to walk into.
This story is written wonderfully, I can't give it enough praise. Mrs. Fyffe is an exquisite story teller. Montana Dawn is packed with lovable characters...and some not so lovable ones also. Each character is well rounded and never seems fake, flat or boring.
Another thing I loved about this novel was that Mrs. Fyffe wrote it wonderfully without one sex scene. It seems that we are bombarded with sex every where we turn. Sexual innuendo is present even in commercials for Liquid Plumber for goodness sake! Books, movies and billboards advertise sex to everyone, even children who see them when they go outside, turn on the TV or play a game.
I am of the opinion(and it just MY opinion) that people need to focus more on developing a higher moral standard and creating solid family values, and less on sex.
In Montana Dawn, the characters are driven by integrity and a strong moral compass, well everyone but the bad guys. Mrs. Fyffe takes her readers back to a time when a man's word and his handshake were his bond, where they stood up for what was right, where people worked hard and loved fiercely. Back to a time where marriage and family meant everything. I can't even describe how much I loved this book!
At some point in the near future, I hope to have a Q&A with Mrs. Fyffe. Until then, you can grab your copy of the first book in the McCutcheon Family Series here.

The order of the series is as follows:
*Montana Dawn
*Texas Twilight
*Mail-Order Brides of the West:Evie

Once you have read Montana Dawn, please come back and let me know how well you liked it. I keep this blog for people who love to read a good story and would love to hear from all of you about how you feel about books suggested here. I hope you enjoy Montana Dawn as much as I did. Happy Reading!
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  1. How long has Mrs. Fyffe been writing Pioneer fiction? Is that the genre she always wanted to write in?

  2. You know, that IS a good question. She writes these stories so well, I never even considered that she may have written in another genre. Niiiice one!

  3. Anonymous, I am running the Loaded Questions contest in a couple of weeks and if you can think of any other questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section for that post. I will be choosing several different questions to ask Mrs. Fyffe during the actual contest :)


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