My very first bad review: The Grace Series by M. Lauryl Lewis gets one star.

First, let me say that while my blog description does say  that you won’t find a bad review here, I felt that I HAD to post this review because I know that there are several people who read this blog who like a good zombie story. The main reason I have this blog is to help people find a great story to immerse themselves in. For the first time ever, I have found a zombie series that irritated me to death and, in my opinion, was a complete waste of money.
The books would be awesome if they weren’t full of sex. I mean, the main character and her ‘friend’ are humping like bunnies in spring! I have no problem with sex in stories, and in horror novels I completely understand life affirming sex but in this series it was just ridiculous. I mean, if I were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse I would be thinking more about killing zombies and not being eaten and much less about horizontal recreation.
The author writes the main character, Zoe Kate, almost as an idiot. In this day and age, everyone has some knowledge of sex and birth control, but not Zoe. The first book was great and I left a short review for it on, which you can read here. That is where my praise for this series ends. I started the second book but I didn’t even get half way through it. The first couple of pages of the first chapter were, yep, you guessed it, a sex scene. There was another one between Zoe Kate and someone other than her ‘friend’ before I was half way into the book so I just put it down. There were sex scenes in the first book but the zombie story itself was good so I thought I could deal with it. When I began to read the second book I got the impression from what I had read in the first book and what I was reading in the second book that the author was using sex as filler to beef up the page count.
As I said above, I didn’t finish the second book in the series so I didn’t even start the last one. Maybe it gets better but I doubt it. For me to put down a series that I paid money for, especially about zombies, has never happened until now. I will finish this review by saying that M. Lauryl Lewis could probably do well if she chose to write erotica but I am extremely disappointed that I bought this series. It is entirely up to you as to whether or not you buy this series, but I absolutely would not suggest it if you are looking for a good zombie series. You can find the series on here.
I normally don't give bad reviews and I have never given one that was this scathing, but when I pay money expecting to get one thing and end up with something else, it makes me a little upset.

***For an awesome zombie apocalypse series, you could check out A.R. Wise and his series Deadlocked on his Amazon author page here.***


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