Texas Twilight by Author Caroline Fyffe~ 5*****, Of Course!

As you can probably tell from my review of Montana Dawn, I just absolutely love this series! Remember John McCutcheon, the brother who was away at medical school in Montana Dawn? Texas Twilight is his story. His plan to return to Y Knot, Montana after graduating medical school falls through when he realizes that there are already two doctors practicing in the town. Since he wants to open his own practice, without a partner, he needs to go where the people need a doctor.
He chooses Rio Wells, Texas where his uncle, Winston McCutcheon, and his family live. Rio Wells is a far cry from the town of Y Knot, where John grew up. Not only is it far away, but the climate is something to get use to and the place is still wild and dangerous, as John Jake discovers on the way into town by stage.
A few miles outside of Rio Wells, the stage is attacked by a group of Comancheros...Mexican Bandits. Five passengers on the stage are killed in the shoot out and in the ensuing madness, John is thrown together with Lily Anthony, one of the surviving passengers to defend the stage. And so begins the story of John Jake McCutcheon.
Texas Twilight also brings back characters from Montana Dawn. John's sister, Charity, gets herself into a bit of a mess with her not so well thought out plan to visit her brother. And, of course, hot on her heels is Brandon, the sheriff of Y Knot who has been crazy in love with Charity for as long as he can remember.
Texas Twilight is packed with wild west action; from shoot outs and kidnappings, to greedy plots, murder and attempted murder. Did I mention rattlesnakes? Grand-daddy rattlers, sure to make you faint? Yep, those too.
As with Montana Dawn, the characters are well written and struggle with right and wrong choices. They depend on their faith in God and in their high moral standards to work things out for them for good. There are no adult scenes in this book, which as you know if you read my review of Montana Dawn is one of my favorite things in the list of countless favorite things I have found in this series.  It is beautifully written and un-put-downable.
I would suggest this book, this series to anyone from advanced young readers to adults of any age. These stories are fantastic feel good reads with the power to make the reader homesick for a time, place, and people they never actually knew.
You can find Texas Twilight on amazon.com by following the link below. You can also find out more about Mrs. Fyffe by visitin her website here or her Facebook page here.  I have also included the link to buy Montana Dawn, which at the time this review was posted, was on sale for .99! I hope you have as much getting to know the McCutheons as I have. Happy reading!


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