Are YOU a Happy Wife?

This book was great! It is filled with advice on how to be happy in your marriage where it is. Mrs. Pellicane also points out that it isn't your husband's responsibility to make you happy. With situations from her own marriage and those of other women who want to have an excellent marriage, Arlene shows us how to nurture our marriages and how to be happy doing it. She also explains why having an "If and then" thought process can damage our union.
You know we are all guilty of saying, "IF you do this, THEN I will do that." That is more damaging to our relationships with our husbands than you would think!
Mrs. Pellicane uses scripture from the Bible to back up her advice so that every suggestion is biblically correct. There is no shortage of advice in 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife. Be prepared to look at yourself and see where YOU need to change. This book isn't a book about how to change your husband, instead it is a book on how to change the way you see your husband and how to adjust your expectations for your marriage to mirror what the Bible says a wife should expect when she marries.
There were several places where I had to take an uncomfortable look at myself and I thought that I had a wonderful marriage! Be prepared to have your conscience pricked when you read this book. While it is always a little uncomfortable to have your flawed way of thinking and behaving brought into the light, Arlene does it in a way that helps, not humiliates. She is funny and compassionate and, as you read her book, you can feel her love and compassion for her audience.
I would suggest this book to all married women from those who have been married for 40 years or more, to those who just got married today. Mrs. Pellicane's advice is a good thing to put with your arsenal of marriage survival tools. Reading this book has changed the way I view my marriage and my role in it and, if you read it with an open heart and a true passion to improve your marriage, it will change you too.
Again, this book IS NOT about husband bashing or how to make your husband make you happy. This book is all about you and how you can be happy in your marriage without changing a thing about your husband. I hope you become as inspired to change your views and expectations as I did.


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