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What Is Perfect Love?

I am doing an online Bible study over at and there is a blog hop every week and the blog posts are all about what we read and studied for the week. One of the topics for this week is 'What is Perfect Love?' All week we have been using the hash tag #perfectlove  so that when someone sees that hash tag and clicks on it, they are inundated with love!
Have you ever really thought about what perfect love is? Sure, we all love our spouses and our children. We already know that the love we feel for our family, particularly our husbands and children is a strong and deep affection born from what some people say is a strong soul connection (Hey! That rhymes! Nice.) But even that love isn't perfect. We get angry at our spouses or children. We get mad at our spouses when they got that big promotion and we are STILL trying to get a measly raise for goodness sake! We get mad at our children when we give them every available resource, including our time, to help them succ…