DEAD CITY, Book One of the ZOMBIE D.O.A Series by JJ ZEP 5*****

Who doesn’t love a great zombie book??? JJ Zep has written an awesome zombie series, Zombie D.O.A. There are four series of four books each with a fifth in the works. There is enough reading there to keep you ‘zombie-fied’ for a good long while. On a depressing note, the fifth series will be the last.
Book one of series one, Dead City, introduces us to Chris Collins who is about to lose every single thing he holds dear in his life. He is thrown into the middle of a zombie apocalypse with his new born daughter…only she is very special. Along the way, Chris meets some interesting people, one extremely likable pooch, and more than his fair share of people who have gone completely insane!
JJ Zep is sure to become one of your favorite zombie apocalypse writers because he has definitely made it to the top of my ‘Fave Horror Authors’ list. From the first chapter, I was amazed by the way the story was written. I could put myself right into Chris’s place and experience the emotions as he felt them. When all hell broke loose and Chris was puzzled and confused, I was puzzled and confused right along with him. When he was scared half to death (and I promise there were plenty of those moments!) so was I. I actually squealed out loud in the middle of the night at one point…my husband said I was no longer allowed to read Mr. Zep’s books at bedtime.
I can’t make this review much longer because I don’t want to include any spoilers, just rest assured that if you are looking for a new zombie adventure, THIS series is the one you should pick up right now! Mr. Zep has a page on Amazon here. I can tell by his writing style, that it would be a blast to know him personally!  He also has a Facebook fan page here. You can find the Zombie D.O.A books on Goodreads here. You can find Dead City on here for .99 cents!!!
Happy reading!


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