Rick & Jane Learn To Listen & Talk by Al and Autumn Ray 4 Stars

In Rick and Jane Learn To Listen & Talk The First Step To Intimacy, authors Al and Autumn Ray show us how important it is to communicate in our marriage and then they explain how to communicate clearly and effectively and, perhaps most importantly, how to communicate with respect. I am pretty sure that every couple in the world has had an issue with miscommunication at one time or another and ended up in yet another argument.
Before reading this book I thought that my husband and I had pretty good communication in our marriage but after reading it I began to think back on all the times that we had misunderstood each other and, at times, had even hurt each other's feelings by snapping back at a remark rather than thinking through a respectful way to discuss whatever the issue was.
Why is it that we take out our frustrations and disappointments on the one person that God has given us to be our love, our friend, our supporter, our life long mate? Is it because we know we can get away with it? Or maybe they just happen to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Either way, as wives, we need to learn how to communicate with our husbands. We are the hearts of our homes, ladies, and we should strive to be patient and kind with everyone in our household, most especially our husbands.
Al and Autumn Ray compare marriage to being on a team. If the team can't work together to succeed, then their efforts will fail. In this case, if we can't learn to speak kindly and respectfully to our husbands and learn to listen to what he is saying, then there are going to be tons of misunderstandings and arguments.
I can hear you right now asking, "Well, what about him? He never listens to me and if the television is on, I can forget a discussion!" This book isn't written just for wives but is actually written for a couple to read through together. I have never seen a book like this one. It is written like a Dick and Jane reader and has pictures and everything. I found myself smiling as I worked my way through this book. It is a very easy read and even my husband, who hates to read, read it with me and agreed that there was some great points made.
The book isn't really divided into what you would call chapters, it's more like sections and they are are titled:

  •  Rick & Jane Fight
  •  The Decision For Coaching
  •  Meeting The Coaches
  •  Goals And the Sidetrack
  • Effective Talking
  • The Dynamic Play
  • Active Listening
  • The Wrap Up
  • The Team Challenge
The book discusses the benefits of marriage coaching, which is basically discussing your marriage problems with another couple who can help you to see where the breaks in your communication are and give you suggestions to fix it. I think it's a good idea to have a couple that you can go to for advice when you need it. I also think that it's a good idea for that couple to be someone outside of your family. Sometimes family members are afraid to make you angry or hurt their relationship with you so they may not be as forthcoming as a couple trained to be marriage coaches.
Overall, Rick & Jane Learn To Listen & Talk The First Step To Intimacy is a great resource to add to your library and I would definitely rate at 4 stars. It is a short and quick read at only 71 pages, but it also has a My Listening Skills Self Assessment at the back that is helpful if you answer truthfully :)
If you want to purchase the book, you can find it on amazon by clicking the link below.

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