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Changes Ahead for Beth's Writing Opinions??

Most of my book reviews are on books from the paranormal, horror, or thriller genre. Occasionally, I will review a book that is a romance or self-help but that is rare. It has come to my attention that Writing Opinions looks "girly" and "frilly". This is not a bad thing, but doesn't really fit with the types of stories I review. The start to 2012 was rather rocky for me and I neglected my blog, (Bad Blogger!!), but since things are beginning to even out for me, I am thinking of changing the theme to something a little more spooky. I had almost decided to just delete Writing Opinions and put my effort into something else, but I just can't seem to let go of it.
For one thing, when I post reviews, the author gets just a little extra advertising from Google. I know a lot of wonderful writers who are extremely talented and I love to know that I can help them in some small way to get that extra little bit in there. I have several ideas for the new look. I want to…