Toilet training for your child

The actress and wife of actor Ricky Harun, Herfiza is now a mother with two children. Her activities as a mother in taking care of her two children, Mikaila Akyza Pratama and Athaya Akyza Pratama are often shared via Instagram. One of the often shared moments is of course related to the growth and development of the two children. The latest, Herfiza was busy with the activity of introducing toilet training to her second child.
"When is the right time for toilet training children?
When I first became a mother, the benchmark of my child was diaper, which was to see other children who were more or less the same age as my child. "If the child can, it means that my child must also be able to!" I thought at that time.
But it didn't work. What is there, even my child is not ready and I am too imposing just because it compares it with a child of his age, "wrote Herfiza in fragments of photo captions.
He told me, a mother's instincts that eventually pushed her to s…

Make Your Kids Happy to Eat His Food

Learning to eat calmly is really important, you know, for your little one. Try to remember again, have you applied this habit? Or is it possible for the little one to remain in the playing atmosphere where Mother feeds her?
This is, teaching your child to eat in a calm position, not only teaching your child about the importance of manners and manners. Because eating habits while sitting calm turns out to be good you know for the digestive health of your child. Not only that, there are some benefits that you need to know, including:
1. STRATEGIC FOOD THAT HAS BEEN DELIVERED SO OUT OUT BACK This event is called reflux. Well, your child can experience reflux if he continues to move while eating. If interpreted literally, reflux itself means the condition when food turns from the stomach to the esophagus. Due to reflux, pain will arise in the chest. Do not stop there, little one can even vomit because of this reflux. Therefore, from now on teach the little one to learn to eat while sitti…