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Only Color?

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with people. I was on a site today, don't remember which one, and people were blasting Hispanics hard. Most of what they were saying was nonsense, like if Hispanics were not here, gangs wouldn't be here either. Hellooooo? What exactly is/was the mob? I know of gangs in my tiny town with not one Latino member. There are good people, people who aren't so good, and then plain human garbage in every culture & race. You know what they all have in common? When you hurt them, they ALL bleed red. There are white, black, yellow & brown men AND women who don't take care of their responsibilities, God made us all and He doesn't make mistakes. How can we be so hostile to people who believe our country is worth risking their life to come to?

Dark Moon Rising by Amanda Jayde.
This was an awesome book about shape shifters. I read it through in a couple of hours. This author is very descriptive and knows how to draw in a reader.
Intercultural Relationships: Typical Relationship Conflicts Plus A Whole Lot More!Author:

Debbie Allen

While all relationships can sometimes be difficult to develop and maintain, perhaps it is relationships that begin with a pairing of two different cultures that require the most attention care – especially in the beginning. This is necessary to start things out right and keep them running smoothly. Have you ever thought about how many differences there are between people where you live and people (possibly even your ideal partner) that live in other parts of the world? In some cases the diversity may be minimal, but in other cases the disparities are huge.These differences, not surprisingly, can result in extreme clashes within the couple. Some of the major complications often relate to such topics as ideas about women and their role in society. This is an issue that may be somewhat unimportant in the beginning, as long as the female is treated respectfully, and in the beginning this …