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I have decided that I would like to learn a little more about the marketing side of the book business. Since I know about zilch as of right this minute, I guess that means I have a lot to learn. I think I can pretty much handle it on Facebook and that's it. I need to know things like; What exactly is a press release and how is it done? What do the authors like to see when their book is being marketed and/or promoted? What college classes would one take to get some sort of background in marketing? Would one really even have to take college courses or could they just pick up the information, learn the ropes and then just go with it? I know I have a bunch of Facebook friends who are also authors. I hope I can get some advice and direction from them or from anyone with a background in marketing who would just like to help a girl out. Anyone who has knowledge of marketing books, please leave a comment or feel free to contact me via the email address on my 'contact me' page. Tha…