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White Thunder | Travel Photo Contest 2011

My Niece VICTORIA McMINN has one of the most beautiful Black and White shots of the Niagara Waterfall I have ever seen! Please go vote for her at the link below

White Thunder | Travel Photo Contest 2011<---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


You know, it seems like every time I turn on the television all I hear about is death and destruction. Lately, I have heard more news reports about parents killing their children or abusing them than I care to count. For the last several weeks, I haven't turned on the television at all unless it is to watch a movie I picked out. I just don't understand what is going on in this world today. 
I have decided that at least a couple of times a week I am going to be adding posts here about things that we can all do to make our lives a little better. Now, I need to let anyone who plans to read these posts and discuss them with me know that I am a Christian. This means that I believe in the God of the HOLY BIBLE, not in something someone made up to support their 'religion' or their particular beliefs. I may post scriptures from the King James Bible here along with the same scripture from another translation like the NIV and include my thoughts on how that scripture would apply …