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Everyone who knows me, even a little, knows that I absolutely LOVE editing and reviewing books. In the process of doing both, I get to know the authors and they become "my" authors and my my friends. Every accomplishment makes me proud to know them. Every five star review, every special interview or recognition makes me smile.
The point to all this is; I love the authors I work with. A while back, I did a review for Danielle D. Smith, the author of COYOTE NIGHT. She is a graphic artist, an author, and now, she is designing a line of handbags. These handbags feature Skriker and Rose, the two main characters in COYOTE NIGHT. I am so proud for her and want to celebrate her success by posting a link back to her review and also a link so that everyone can go and see her handbags. Please let her know that you are proud of her too. Click on her name to visit her website and leave her a message. You can also leave comments on the review post, which is here. Here is the link to go se…

Mortal Path: The Big Thrill

Mortal Path: The Big Thrill
Check this out. For all of thriller lovers!!

Ideas Please

I am going to start freelance writing on Suite101. I have several ideas for articles but I would like to hear what others would like to read about. Please feel free to comment with any ideas you may have. They have to be based on facts and can't be written purely as opinion, so it has to be something I can research on. Any ideas would be helpful.