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Reasons That I Rate Books 5*****

If you picked up a book and couldn't get through the first couple of chapters, would you force yourself to read it? I don't think so, not if you were reading for pleasure. If you couldn't read it all the way to the end, why would you try to rate or review it? I think that there are redeeming qualities in every written work. The plot may be awesome and the writing just sucks or maybe the writing is great but the plot stinks. Either way, someone somewhere will like it while others don't. This is why you never see a rating from me that is less than 3 stars. I'm not trying to slam an author by giving them a bad review. I am trying to find books that my followers will enjoy reading. If I can't give a book a good rating, chances are that book didn't hold my attention in the first chapter or two. If that's the case, I put it down and won't write a review because I didn't get to the end of the book. If I didn't get to the end, I don't have the …