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I would love to get your opinion.

I am currently enrolled with the online division of University of Phoenix. I am working on an Associate's degree in Elementary Education (this may change soon). Anyway, in my English class we have been given an assignment to write a 2000 to 2500 word essay on the subject of our choice. It has to be a persuasive essay, in other words, I have to try to get my readers to understand and, to some extent, get them to agree with me. I chose to do my essay on the benefits of immigration. While doing research for the paper I came across an article in a publication called The American Spectator and the title of this article was Immigration, si; welfare, no. The author is Tom Bethell, who is a correspondent for The American Spectator. This was an extremely well written article and Mr. Bethell made some very compelling arguments for immigration. I would like to get your opinion on a couple of things he wrote in his article. I wish I could post the entire article here but so far haven't b…