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Wolves- They don't seek to destroy but to live.

My favorite animal in the world is a wolf. They are simply beautifully wild. Wolves are hunters and survivors or at least they were until humans began to slowly and steadily wipe them out. What gives us the right to think it is okay to annihilate another species? WE encroach on THEIR territory, kill off THEIR food supply, block off THEIR water sources, and then kill them for taking food where they can find it. How utterly human of us to think that we have that right. Wolves are an important part of our ecosystem and CANNOT be replaced once they are gone. It is not the wolf that is the problem but the complete ignorance of humans that believe we must own and control everything we can see. At the bottom of this page is a video of wolves. The song playing is by Enya, I don't much like the singing in a language I don't understand but the pictures of wolves are absolutely breathtaking. These animals have more right to be here than we do. They don't seek to destroy, but to live.