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So my husband just started a new job which involves a LOT of travel. He is working on the conveyer systems and ovens and such for bakeries. Right now, we are in Four Oaks, North Carolina. I must say that this place seems to be agreeing with me so far. It has been overcast a lot since we have been here. That's great news for me since the sun breaks me out in huge, red, itchy hives. The weather is a little cooler here, too....awesome!
I have my computer and plenty of work to keep me busy thanks to WCP and freelance article writing. I'm not even all that homesick. We also travel with my parents, which means that, no matter where we go, I know at least 2 people. My life still seems to be coming together in all the right places. See, I have a problem being out in public, my doctor calls it 'Borderline Agoraphobia', I just call it an allergic reaction to crowds. This prevents me from working in public but I still wanted to make a little money that was my own. So, for about a…