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Who doesn’t love technology? We are surrounded by technology of all kinds, from e-readers to cell phones the size of credit cards. Almost every household in the United States has at least one computer and almost everyone has an iPod, iPad, or an iPhone. Our military uses technology when training our soldiers and when fighting our enemies. What would happen if this technology was the death of civilization? How would we survive and communicate?
In 7G by DEBBIE KUMP, this question is asked and answered with bone chilling clarity. We would be lost without this technology and we would be pushed to our absolute limit in order to survive.
No one uses a cumbersome laptop or cell phone in 7G. Computers and cell phones are contained in contact lenses worn in the eye and microphones worn in the ear. Everyone has them and is looking forward to the upgrade to 7G. College sophomore Erik Weber is having a bad day. He believes his girlfriend is cheating on him and decides to remove his DOTS and go to th…