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A love stronger than Heaven or Hell, passion between Angel and Demon, Indian lore, and a skin walker that steals the children from one unfortunate Navajo reservation are all elements in COYOTE NIGHT by DANIELLE D. SMITH. Skriker is half-demon, half-man. Rose is half-angel, half-woman. Their love is forbidden and yet it exists and consumes Rose and Skriker with a passion unlike any other. Together they hunt and destroy demons and monsters that haunt the human race. In this part of their story, they are hunting a skin walker or ‘yee naaldlooshii’ as the Navajo people call it. With the help of a wise old medicine man, Nick Whitehorse, Skriker and Rose begin their hunt where the creature lives, Shiprock. Whitehorse warns Skriker that the skin walker is hard to kill and, if given a chance, will take Rose and Skriker may never be able to get her back. Can they kill this abomination and walk away together or will one of them lose the other half of their heart forever? This book is a truly engr…