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FREE Book~Courting the Darkness by Karen Fuller

~The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.~ Mark Twain

This is the first “free book” post I’ve done, mainly because there are so many wonderful sites that keep my Kindle well stocked with the freebies. Ereader News Today and Pixel of Ink are two of my faves. However, these are special books. The authors of each are friends of mine. They are both wonderful women and amazing authors. First is Karen Fuller’s Courting the Darkness. Here is the blurb from amazon:

She was wanted by everyone...
All she wanted was to be left alone, or at least that's what Desiree Dupuis thought she wanted. She was born a very powerful witch. It figures the one back fired spell she cast would make her a very wanted woman. Drake, the Vampire King, wanted her for her magic. Jason Hargrove, the witch hunter, wanted to see her burn. Caleb Jenkins, the shape-shifter, wanted to possess her. Mica Sinclair, the Rogue Vampire...Well...Mica…