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Getting Through What You Can't Get Over by Anita Agers-Brooks 4****

I just finished reading this book last night and it was pretty good. As you may be able to guess by the title, this book is non-fiction and its purpose is to give examples of really tough situations that may have happened in an individual's past and to offer suggestions to help them get over those things.
Some of us have had something traumatic happen in our lives and we just can't seem to let go of it, no matter how many years ago it may have been. We relive it over and over again in our minds and may have feelings from thinking that you deserved whatever happened because you 'asked for it' or a consuming rage that the trauma happened at all. In some cases people suffer from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the memories affect their everyday lives. They may suffer from depression and, on some days not even be able to drag themselves out of bed. They may have anger issues that cause them to strike out at everyone who shares their life or tries to help them.