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Rick & Jane Learn To Listen & Talk by Al and Autumn Ray 4 Stars

In Rick and Jane Learn To Listen & Talk The First Step To Intimacy, authors Al and Autumn Ray show us how important it is to communicate in our marriage and then they explain how to communicate clearly and effectively and, perhaps most importantly, how to communicate with respect. I am pretty sure that every couple in the world has had an issue with miscommunication at one time or another and ended up in yet another argument.
Before reading this book I thought that my husband and I had pretty good communication in our marriage but after reading it I began to think back on all the times that we had misunderstood each other and, at times, had even hurt each other's feelings by snapping back at a remark rather than thinking through a respectful way to discuss whatever the issue was.
Why is it that we take out our frustrations and disappointments on the one person that God has given us to be our love, our friend, our supporter, our life long mate? Is it because we know we can get…