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Why I Chose to Leave All of My Previous Posts on For God's Daughters

I received an email earlier from someone who came across For God's Daughters through an internet search and they decided to go through several of the posts, which are mostly book reviews. Some of the reviews are of books in the Horror category and they contain adult situations. The individual asked why I didn't at least go through and delete those reviews.
I didn't go through and delete them because, in most cases, the author found me and asked me to review their book and I was and am extremely honored that they would trust me to do that. Also, I don't want For God's Daughters to seem completely perfect. Truthfully, I had considered deleting some of the reviews, but then it hit me. I am a growing Christian. Every single day, there is something a little different about how I think or what I feel comfortable with reading/watching/doing. Why shouldn't my blog be the same way? Sort of like a reflection of my personal growth.
I like that idea, that people can go bac…