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You Are MY Child, At Your Best and Your Worst.

So, it's 1:45 a.m. & I'm sitting in the living room with my soon to be 2 yo son, Mason.  Mason has NEVER slept all night since the day he was born...not ONCE. I've Googled, read, researched, spoken with his pediatrician and other pediatricians, tried essential oils, warm baths with calming bath soap and adjusted his schedule so many times that I can't even remember.
This past Friday I had a minor surgical procedure done but was told I couldn't lift anything heavy for 10 days (as the discharge nurse eyed my 30-pound baby boy). Can I just get some back up from other moms out there; if your baby falls or gets sick, you are NOT going to say “Well, I can't pick you up, just dust it off and go on about your day”, are you? I didn't think so.
The meds they gave me after surgery turned me into monster mommy/wife. I snapped off the head of every poor innocent that happened to look me directly in the eye all day Saturday and Sunday. Plus, those same meds made me SO …