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THE HAY FORT by Judith Ann McDowell~5*****

If you follow my reviews, then you know I  reviewed  Rougarou by Judith before. This woman has an amazing imagination and talent for writing! She can drag a reader into her story from the first page and keep you there until the book is finished. THE HAY FORT is no different. The storyline isn’t her usual but; nevertheless, she was on top of her game with this book. Here is the book description from
When teens Willie and Butch Coby stumble on some filled jars in an old abandoned bus they have no idea what they are inviting by taking the jars away. Not until their biology teacher checks out what the jars contain do they begin to realize some adventures can cost you your life or worse turn that life into a living nightmare. Let all who know the name of the beast... Give up his name for he will not hold back his wrath against a child of the most holy.
This story will take you places you never expected it to go. It has all of the elements that make up the best paranormal stories;…